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Future Objectives Freemasonry

The Future Objectives of the Freemasonry

The following article can be found in Italian at several Web sites (such as:   Since I could not find it in English, perhaps because it is so recent (August 24, 2015), I have translated it into English. These are the future objectives of the Freemasonry in Italy. I am sure these objectives are very similar for other countries around the world.

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The text below, an exceptional document, was spread by Yusef Maryam from an anonymous source (the Masons make an oath of secrecy) and it tells of all the projects that Masonry has in store for the future, many points have already been realized, many others are under discussion.

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Expropriation of second homes, give for free the use of these houses to undocumented foreigners and to nomadic people, in addition to the social housing that already exists.

Increase taxation on first homes and on inheritances.

Increase IVA (value-added tax in Italy).

Forced withdrawals on deposits and savings of the Italian citizens.

Legalization of prostitution, including for children.

Legalization of drugs.

Pass the law “Ius Soli” (easier to obtain Italian citizenship) and allow immigrants to vote (increase uncontrolled immigration: Kalergi plan).

Closure of CIE (Internment Centers for Foreigners) and total opening of the borders.

Equalization in everything and for everyone of unions and unmarried couples with those of married regularly.

Right to marriage for gay couples, lesbians, trans and bisexual.

Total liberalization of abortion, possible also posthumously up to the 18th month of the child's life.

Removal of all religious and sacred symbols from every public place, including the crucifix, which will not be able to be even worn around the neck, abolition of teaching of religion in schools.

Indexing of the Bible, as offensive and discriminatory for non-Christians, homosexuals, prostitutes and various other categories of people, as well as a ban on Christian evangelization, to be put on par with fundamentalism and religious fundamentalism.

Transfer of the national sovereignties to the EU and to ONU (N.W.O.).

Military command assigned to NATO and the end of national armies.

Destruction and poisoning of Creation (Chemtrails).

Total liberalization of pornography.

Teaching of homosexual education, lesbian, transgenic and bisexual in schools (spread the gender ideology).

Legalization of pedophilia, polygamy and polyamory.

Access to: assisted heterologous procreation for any couple, also for heterosexual, the trade of wombs for rent, semen, fertilized egg cells, also in vitro, human embryos.

Legalization of euthanasia and the creation of a maximum age of life, and a limit on the medical costs of maintenance for the elderly, terminally ill dependents, beyond which you can arrange for government euthanasia.

End of the concept of national citizenship and transition to the concept of apolidism (statelessness, stateless people).

Repeal of the social pension and unemployment benefits, of bank guarantee of deposits and non fallibility of banks and government agencies, states and nations.

Imposition on every church and religion, the duty to celebrate homosexual weddings, lesbians, incest, trans, bisexual also polygamous.

Abolition of baptism to minors or to people in any case not consenting. Limited numbers in high schools and universities.

Imposition, as already takes place in China, the maximum number of one child for each couple.

Imposition of the insertion of a subcutaneous chip.

The end of the circulation of paper money (global control and microchips under the skin).

Prohibition of food production for their own consumption and G.A.S (Group Acquisition of food).

Imposition of biologically modified cultures (GMOs).

Repeal of the food chain control.

Prohibition of possession of weapons for civilians who are not policemen.

Dissolution of the branch of the Carabinieri (national military police) and subjugation of the police forces to European Eurogendfor (European police) and the Italian Army to that of the EU.

Processability of Italian citizens, even outside the Italian justice, thus the possibility of extradition for processes in other foreign countries, no more rights for the natural judge.

Loss of all rights of citizenship.

In the case of a birth of a second child in heterosexual couples (prohibited by law) you can proceed to abortion imposed by law, or alternatively, the removal of the child for adoption to gay couples, trans, bisexual or lesbian.

The legal adult age will be set at 16 years, and the possibility for recognition of an autonomous sexuality at 12 years.

Introduction of a homophobia law that punishes anyone who is contrary to any sexual orientation that deviates from the heterosexual.

Parental rights can be taken away from the natural parents, at the request of a judge, for reasons of public interest.

The local health authorities will have to take charge of the home service for sexual needs, through sexual operators hired for this purpose by the Central Government Community.

The national gold reserves will be allocated to the EU and managed by the Council of Europe and the ECB (European Central Bank).

Increase havoc with revolutions, false flag terrorism and wars (their motto: Ordo ab Chao!) (a Latin expression meaning Order out of Chaos; a motto of the Thirty-third Degree Freemason).

The European Parliament will be elected by the important electors, no more universal consent.

Abrogation of the Constitution of the Italian Republic, the Italian and civil Criminal Code, and the adoption of the European Constitution and European laws.


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Father Joseph Dwight