Friday, November 28, 2008

The Legacy of Cruel Tyrants

Who is Afraid of the Dark?

(The following article was written by Father Anthony Mellace.)

Michael Grady, a friend of mine, and others brought my attention to a site in which a video clip shows Obama promising and telling Planned Parenthood that they will no longer be on the defensive in regards to abortion, but will now counter attack the pro-lifers. He said that the first thing he will do as president is to put into effect the so called Freedom of Choice Act in which the question of abortion will be settled once and for all ( I have never seen such an arrogant fool in my life as this Asian raised clown. Who on earth does he think he is? Does he truly believe that he will make of abortion a lasting and established institution of American society?

What this dancing shadow on a stage of human history doesn't realize is who he is going up against. We pro-lifers have the best of the fight in our favor. For one thing, God is on our side and all those who have fought against God lost miserably in their attempts to beat Him. Like Pharaoh of old, Obama himself will be drowned in the waters of Divine wrath. God has never lost a battle and never will. In second place, we have the powerful Virgin Mary, all the angels and saints to intercede for our victory. Is Obama counting on his atheism and the devil to give him power to win? He will be overthrown and cast into hell along with that demon. Third, we have reason and right on our side since we defend legitimate human life. Obama will be known in history as one of the greatest liars and inventor of falsehoods and this notoriety will be carried by him forever with shame and disgrace. Fourth, our mission to save human life is a most noble and urgent one while that of continuing the murder of millions of babies is the most criminal and greatest act of cowardice on the part of an intelligent man like Obama. Fifth, the promise of the triumph of Mary s Immaculate Heart will mean the end of over 35 years of demonic rule in America and nightmare horrors of the killing of untold numbers of defenceless children. Obama has no such promise that abortions will last forever. He might guarantee abortion during his administration, but that will be of a short period, since God will be swift to act in His justice. How many years did Hitler last? It was not more than two decades. If Obama has in mind to have abortion last as long as our country will, then God will make sure to destroy and end our country in order to rid it of abortion, unless of course, we were to wise up as a nation and get rid of child murder before it is too late.

The Russian ships are doing military manoeuvres in Venezuelan waters. What is their business on our side of the world? Where is Bush or Obama to tell them to immediately get out like Kennedy had the admirable courage to do when they brought their missiles to Cuba? If I lived on the coast of our Southern States, I would get out as quickly as possible. The nuclear missiles in the Russian submarines are not caps of pop guns. Yet, there they are cruising around in our Caribbean sea, a few miles off our shores.

If Obama thinks that the pro-lifers will not counter attack to his counter attack, then he does not realize the strength of God s grace and glory. I know that the American hierarchy is practically worthless and extremely weak (like the same one of Nazi Germany that also hailed Hitler into power), but God has his 7,000 who have not bent their knees to Baal. There are many strong Catholics, as well as non-Catholics, ready to shed their blood and be martyrs for the defence of the unborn. Mary, at Fatima, predicted that the good (not the Catholics) would be martyred in our times. If Obama wants to put more saints on our calendar, then let him glorify God in this way. On his part, he will go down in history in the long line of cruel tyrants like Herod, Nero, Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung who tortured and killed Christians for defending human rights and dignity. If Obama does not truly convert himself and stop being a false Christian or Moslem, he will burn forever in hell for his terrible sins. Neither Christians nor Moslems admit or accept the horrible practice of abortion. Come on Obama, come on with your henchmen and henchwomen, Kennedy, Clinton, etc and all their power, wealth and fame against the pro-life movement and you will be surprised as to what you will meet up with. The blood you shed in this nation will be the one that will cry out from the earth to condemn you forever.

Father Anthony Mellace

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